Mission Statement

: It is the goal of the Iredell Area County Area Transportation System to provide services that are efficient, safe, and effective. The system ultimately seeks to increase mobility of the citizens of Iredell County and integrate services in order to maximize resources.

Vision Statement:

To be a respected and reliable source of transportation that is in the forefront of citizens' minds when considering transportation options.


​• Safety- We are dedicated to providing a safe transportation network and work environment.
​• Customer Service- We serve our customers in a respectful, professional, and timely manner.
​• Diversity- We respect one another while drawing strength from our diverse opinions, ideas, and experiences.
​• Integrity- We earn and maintain trust through data-driven decisions, accountability, and transparency. • Quality- We pursue excellence in delivering our projects, programs, services, and initiatives.
​• Teamwork- We work together, using our diverse strengths and skills, collaborating to solve problems and serve our communities.
​• Innovation- We promote the development and use of new and better transportation options.

Success Moments

It will be a good year for my agency if…
​1. FY '17 5307 Funding secured
​2. Increase fare revenue by 5%
​3. Net promoter score of 20
​4. Customers per service hour increases to greater than 2.5
​5. Demand-response on time performance 90%
​6. Drivers' manifest accuracy greater than 90%

SWOT Analysis


trengths inside the agency to help deliver our success moments


eaknesses inside the agency that need to be fixed to deliver success


pportunities that exist outside the agency that we can take advantage of to deliver success


hreats outside the agency we must guard against to deliver success


​• Advanced scheduling software
​• Transportation advisory committee support and involvement
​• Seasoned, high-quality, and experienced operators
​• History with securing state and federal grant funding


​• Staffing – operating – cannot maintain higher level of service until fully staffed with drivers
​• Funding (state and federal) so much uncertainty of when and if funding and/or amounts will be available
​• Small number of office staff with limited time to develop strategies and perform their daily/weekly responsibilities
​ • Inability to give financial or other worthwhile incentives to employees unless all county employees are given them as approved by the Board of Commissioners
​• No local funding to help match grant funding


​• Staff training
​• Securing 5307 funding
​• Additional contracts for services
​• Maximize current funding
​• Collection of payments for services
​• New HOV toll lane


​• Latest legislative regulations
​• No long-term funding securable
​• Changing geographic perception (urban/rural split)
​• Fuel costs • Lack of funds in order to retain qualified employees
​• Increased costs of employee benefits
​• No local commissioner support or buy-in

Guiding Management Pillars

Financial Stability:

​• Transit service and maintenance run out of county owned facility
​• Operates as a county agency (but does not receive county funding)
​• Updating fleet to more fuel-efficient vehicles
​ • Long-term relationship with local Human Service agencies

Excellence in Customer Service

​• Most up-to-date automated scheduling software
​• Contract renewals
​• Increased request for service
​• Contract inquiries
​ • Compliments from passengers and agencies
​• Enforcement of policy
​• Professionalism
​• New automated phone system to cut down on call volume going to dispatch office

Commitment to Quality/Safety

​• Dedicated staff
​• Transportation Advisory Board support
​• Conversations (listening to) with passengers
​• Ownership taken of vehicles by drivers with daily DVIs and cleaning
​• Vehicle maintenance and lift maintenance performed above 95%+ (DOT standard is 80%)
​• Driver of the Month program
​• SEON camera and data relayed to office in real-time Employee success:
​• Minimal accidents
​• All passenger or outside complaints resolved within allotted time
​• Miles driven with no accident
​• Merit received per performance evaluation
​• Successful Training


​1. Increase passengers per hour from the 2015-2016 average of 1.64 to an average of 2.5 (with overall goal of 3 passengers per hour)
​2. Decrease cost of passenger trips by 2%
​3. Increase fare revenue by 5% due to increased ridership
​4. Create/ implement and report customer/passenger survey
​5. Meeting safety goal per miles driven

Human Resources

​• Staff, county garage
​• Supportive Transportation Advisory Board
​• County Manager support
​• Low turnover rate
​• IT support

Past experience:

​• Reputation in community
​• Been in existence since 2003
​• Human services community support


​• Excellent reputation in community
​• Small, but efficient, urban/rural community transit system
​• Quick response and resolutions to problems
​• Dedicated staff (passengers appreciate relatable staff)

ICATS NCDOT Approved Success Plan