The best way to participate in activities at the Recreation Center is through a membership! A variety of memberships are available to meet your needs!

Joining Fee

A $10 Joining Fee is required for all new memberships (one per Individual Membership, or one per Family Membership. The Joining Fee is a one-time payment, as long as the membership remains valid. Users who do not have a valid membership for 90 days or more will be charged the Joining Fee again.

Membership Types

Recreation Center: Membership Types MONTHLY
(Auto-bill every 30 days)
(365 days, pay in full)
Adult (Ages 18-54) $25 $275
Youth (Ages 14-17) $16 $175
Senior (Ages 55+) $16 $175
Military or First Responder (ID Required) $16 $175
Family Membership
(3 members ages 14+ in the same household)
$32 $350
"Add-On" Family Member (Age 14+)
Family Membership Required)
$10 $70

Corporate membership rates are available for participating companies.  If your company is interested contact the department at    704-878-3103

What does a membership include?

All memberships include access to the fitness center, group exercise classes, locker rooms, indoor track and the gymnasium.

Annual memberships also include a seasonal pool pass for the member, and access to child watch.

BEST VALUE! Annual memberships are for 365 days, and are required to be paid in full at registration. Annual memberships not only come with additional perks, such as a pool pass and child watch, but they also provide a cost-savings over the course of the year!

Monthly memberships are for 30 days, and will automatically renew and automatically bill at the end of the 30 day period. There is no long-term commitment, however please provide a notice at least 2 weeks in advance of the auto-billing, in the event you would like to cancel a monthly membership.

A Family Membership includes up to 3 members that are ages 14 and older, in the same household/address. Family members that are under age 14 may be included at no charge with a family membership. 

Pool: Individual annual memberships only provide pool access to the individual member. The pool is not included in monthly memberships (daily admission rates will apply for the pool, or separate passes are available for purchase). An Annual Family Membership must be purchased in order for children or other account members to have access to the pool included, even if there is only one adult on the Membership. 

Child Watch: For ages 6 months through 10 years old. Rates are $5 per child, per day (max 2 hours). No charge for Annual members to use Child Watch.

Excerpts from our "Policies and Procedures". 

  • Please note that some amenities/areas may not be available at all times, due to classes, reservations, or other events. 
  • No one under age 14 is allowed in the Fitness Center. Participants under age 16 must be accompanied by a responsible parent/guardian in the fitness area, OR they must complete the "Youth Fitness Orientation" with the Fitness Center staff and a legal parent/guardian.
  • Group exercise classes are for ages 18 and older (exceptions will be noted on the group exercise schedule). 
  • Ages 10-14 are permitted to use the gym area (if not reserved), however they must have a parent/guardian in the building.
  • Children under age 10 are required to be accompanied by a parent/guardian, or they must utilize Child Watch (during Child Watch hours).

What if I just want to visit for a day?

The Daily/Drop-in rate is $5 per person, which will include the fitness center, gym, or any group exercise classes for the day of entry. 

Pool admission is considered a separate entry fee.

Child Watch rates are $5 per child, per day, for ages 6 months through 10 years old (no charge for Annual members).

All users will be required to create a user account in order to participate. Acknowledgement of policies, waivers, etc will apply.