Iredell County Transportation Master Plan

About the Plan

Iredell County is developing a county-wide vision for its transportation system.  

The plan will: 

  • Identify needed improvements on key corridors to help manage congestion and improve mobility and safety
  • Align jurisdictional goals and objectives
  • Bridge the gaps between existing and recommended projects, facilities, and modes in local jurisdictions 
  • Develop a prioritized list of transportation projects for implementation

Transportation Master Plan Study Area Map

The process will be guided by a Project Technical Team (PTT) made up of stakeholders representing local jurisdictions and transportation agencies. 

Project Schedule

Transportation Master Plan Project Schedule

Public Input

We recently completed the draft plan (available below) and would like your input on the plan recommendations.  The plan includes amendments to the Charlotte Regional Transportation Planning Organization (CRTPO) Comprehensive Transportation Plan (CTP).  Please take the survey by October 6 to provide general input on the draft plan and specific input on the plan recommendations.  

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Draft Plan Documents

Iredell County is recommending CRTPO Comprehensive Transportation Plan (CTP) amendments as part of its Transportation Master Plan.  Take the survey by October 6th to comment on the amendments.
CRTPO CTP Amendments

Contact Us

Contact Matthew Todd at or 704-928-2048 with questions or comments.