Family Planning


This program provides services to help you prevent unintended pregnancy and maintain your reproductive health. The Family Planning program plays a critical role in ensuring access to a broad range of family planning and related sexual health services for low-income or uninsured males and females. 

Our clinicians provide a confidential healthcare experience that is sensitive to your needs. Family Planning provides affordable exams, methods of birth control, education and counseling to assist with health and wellness. We encourage you to take charge of your health and learn more about Family Planning.

Fees and Eligibility

Payment is expected at time of service. We accept cash, check, credit/debit card with valid ID. Fees are based on your family size and income, and vary depending on services.  Medicaid and private insurance are billed when applicable. Services will not be denied due to inability to pay.

Services are available regardless of county of residence.

If you are a female between the ages of 19- 55 or a male between ages 19-60, you may qualify for birth control through the NC Family Planning Waiver/Be Smart Program with no out of pocket costs.  For more information

What do I need to bring to my appointment?

Bring a recent check (pay) stub for everyone that has a job and lives in the home (unless you have Medicaid).  If the pay stub has a year to date (YTD) total, then just bring one.  If not, you need to bring one month's worth of pay stubs.

Insurance Card(s)

Method of payment: cash, check, debit or credit card


Resources for more information: