Social Services

  1. Adult Services
  2. Family Services
  3. Health Services
  4. Social Services

Adult Day Care Service

  • Arranges placement and transportation
  • Assesses need and eligibility
  • Pays for care at licensed facility
  • 18 and up
  • Iredell County resident
  • Must be income eligible
  • Sliding fee scale

Rest Home Care (Adult Foster Care)

  • Assists families in locating nursing or rest home; assists new residents’ adjustment to nursing or rest home
  • Assists operator in licensing procedures for rest homes
  • Provides financial assistance for nursing or rest home care
  • Supervises facilities’ adherence to rest home standards
  • Iredell County resident
  • Must be financially eligible for nursing/rest home care

Adult Protective Services

  • Assists in alleviating conditions causing need for protection
  • Receives referrals and assesses need for protective services
  • 18 years and up
  • Iredell County resident who is disabled, abused, neglected, or exploited and is in need of agency intervention