County Assessor Division

  1. 2015 Countywide Reappraisal

    In 2015 Iredell County conducted a reappraisal.

  2. 2015 Revaluation Brochure (PDF)

    Familiarize yourself with the reappraisal process with the informative brochure.

  3. Appeals Process

    Get to know the process at which you can appeal a decision from the Tax Assessor's Office.

  4. 2017 Online Appeal Form

    Welcome to the electronic appeals process for Iredell County. It is our intent that this process will provide you an additional method of appealing your 2015 Assessed Value.

  5. Board of Equalization & Review

    The Board of Equalization and Review is the first step in the formal appeals process. If a taxpayer is not satisfied with the results of the informal review by the County Assessor's Office, they may then file an appeal with the Board.

  6. North Carolina Property Tax Commission

  7. Online Tax Services

    View Iredell County records for Real Estate, Tax Bills & Property Sales

  8. Property Record Card Help (PDF)

    View the diagram that points out key elements on the property record card.

  9. Historic Appraisal Cards

    Look for the historic appraisal card of Iredell County homes.

  10. Change of Address Request Form

  11. Real Property

    Take a look at how the Assessors Office handles real property assessment, reappraisal and use value.

  12. Personal Property

    Find out how personal property is managed and taxed by the County Assessor's Office.