Calls from Santa

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Imagine that magic moment when the telephone rings and the North Pole Operator tells a child they have a special phone call from Santa Claus!

Our annual “Calls From Santa” program will be here in December! This is a FREE program in which children can receive a personal telephone call from Santa Claus. Approximate ages 3-9, but this is open to all ages who believe in Santa (and will talk to him on the phone)! 

This program is FREE, but advance registration is required.

Registration must be received by Monday, December 2.

Calls will be placed:
Monday, December 9
Tuesday, December 10

Thursday, December 12
5:30-8:30pm each evening

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Additional registration information available on the "Register" tab.

  1. How It Works
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  3. Volunteer

How It Works

  • Informational flyers are distributed in November to local school systems and daycares that choose to participate. The flyers are also available online (see the "Register" tab). The flyers are distributed to children ages 3-9, but other ages may participate if they believe in Santa (and will talk to Santa).
  • The parent/guardian will need to register each child through our online web registration system (CivicRec). This will include some basic information about the child, their Christmas wishes, and the date & time slot preferred for their call. All registrations must have a parent/guardian permission in order to be sent to Santa. 
  • Registrations are sent to “Santa’s Station” at the Iredell County Parks & Recreation office. Registration is completed online, via our online portal (CivicRec), or you can call or visit our Recreation Office and we can assist you with online registration (see the "Register" section). 
  • DEADLINE: Registrations must be received to the Recreation Office by Monday, December 2nd. Late requests to register will not be accepted.
  • 2019: Calls will be placed the evenings of Monday, December 9, Tuesday, December 10 and Thursday, December 12, from 5:30-8:30pm. You will select a time frame (1 hour window) for when you would prefer to receive your call.
  • Santa and his elves will try their best, but actual call times may vary based on demand. Santa’s Station gets VERY busy!
  • The “North Pole Operator” and “Santa” will try to make the call during the selected evening and time. Calls are brief, but provide children with a very exciting and memorable experience.
See the "Register" or "Volunteer" sections for additional information!
We need volunteers to make this program possible (ages 16+)!

Parent Information

  • Online Registration must be completed by Monday, December 2. Late requests to register past the deadline will not be accepted.
  • Parent/guardian permission is required during online registration.
  • If you have more than one child, please register all of them for the SAME DATE AND TIME, and on the SAME RECEIPT, so Santa can speak to all children during a single call. Please be sure to register EACH child, so that Santa has information about each child and is able to allow enough time to speak with each one individually. 
  • This call is FREE, however NO LONG DISTANCE calls (from Santa's Station in Statesville) can be made. Please provide a phone number that is not long distance, or indicate that the number is long distance in the information box if you have no other options. Registrations with long distance numbers may not be attempted.
  • Make sure your child will be available (and awake!) during the day and time you select! Santa is very busy, and he will NOT be able to try more than once.
  • Requests for time changes or return calls may not be able to be accommodated.
  • NO GIFTS are distributed with this event. This is only a phone call.
  • The registration information is used as Santa's "reminders", and for statistical purposes. It is not distributed to outside sources.