Are there behavioral issues?

Many problems can be improved by having your pet spayed or neutered. To request spay/neuter please visit more information at Spay/Neuter Services page.

Is your dog having trouble getting along with other animals, or are there other behavioral issues that have led to your decision to give up your dog? If so, let us help you. Email us at We can recommend a local trainer. Take a look at some of these wonderful ASPCA articles as well:

-Barking too much 

-Destructive Chewing 

-Dog Aggression 

-Separation Anxiet

-Cats not using the litter box 

-Cat Urine Marking 

-Cat Destructive Scratching 

-Cat Aggression

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1. Did you acquire your pet from a rescue organization, animal shelter, or breeder?
2. Are you being evicted?
3. New baby in the home?
4. Are you moving?
5. Don't have enough time for your dogs?
6. Are there behavioral issues?