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Stumpy Creek Park


  1. Baseball / Softball Diamond
  2. Disc Golf Course
  3. Picnic Shelters
  4. Playground
  5. Restrooms
  6. Soccer Field
  7. Walking Track

Stumpy Creek Park is an 83-acre facility located in Mooresville off of Perth Road.


Reservations for fields or shelters can be made by contacting the Parks and Recreation Office at 704-878-3103. Reservations are required for use of athletic fields by organized teams.

All reservation requests should be made at least 2 weeks prior to reservation date, and are pending availability.

"Special Event" requests (large-scale events, tournaments, etc) should be made directly to the Parks & Recreation Office at 704-878-3103.

Stumpy Creek Park Facilities Overhead

Facility Use Fees

Field (Baseball, Soccer/Multi-Purpose)$15 per hour, $100/day
Lighted Field (Baseball, Soccer/Multi-Purpose)$35 per hour, $150/day
Picnic Shelter$15 per hour, $100/day
 Add-On: Line/Paint a Field (Pre-marked)$25 per field

Orienteering Course

The Orienteering Course is open to any person, beginner or veteran. It is free and spans more than 2.5 miles.

Course Background

Jaehyeong Lee, from Boy Scout Troop 171 in Mooresville, created this orienteering course as an Eagle Scout project. Eagle Scout is the highest rank in Boy Scouts and is honored for life, “Once an Eagle, Always an Eagle.”

The orienteering course was designed for 3 different skill levels; basic, intermediate, and advanced. You can print your own brochure or pick one up at a park kiosk. To get started on your orienteering journey all you need is a compass, pencil, and orienteering instructions. A general information brochure is available for all beginners as a tool guide for your first orienteering adventure.

Orienteering Links


  1. Baseball Field 1 (Graham)

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  2. Baseball Field 2 (Howard)

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  3. Baseball Field 3 (Ebert)

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  4. Disc Golf Course

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  5. Picnic Shelter 1 & Concession Area 1 (Upper Restrooms)

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  6. Picnic Shelter 2 & Concession Area 2 (Lower Restrooms)

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  7. Picnic Shelter 3 (at Playground)

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  8. Picnic Shelter 4 (Lower, near swings & boat landing)

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  9. Soccer Field 1 (SISA)

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  10. Soccer Field 2 (Lowes)

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  11. Soccer Field 3 (Taylor)

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  12. Stumpy Creek Boat Landing

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