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Public Records Release Request

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  3. Request For Release of Information
  4. Information to be researched for release:
  5. 911 Transcript:
  6. *Audio CD (fees may apply):
  7. CAD Report:
  8. Other:
  9. *Recordings are only available for 90 days from the time they were recorded, if not made part of a case
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  11. Public Records Retention- Department of Cultural Resources is directed by G.S. 121-5 (c) and G.S. 132-8 to provide.STANDARD-6 EMERGENCY SERVICES RECORDS. Official records explaining the authority, operating philosophy, purposed methods, and primary functions of emergency services programs, 911 RECORDINGS -Tapes, digital recordings, and text messages generated by 911 calls. Destroy in office after 30 days, if not made part of a case file * G.S. 132-1.4(i) Comply with applicable provisions of G.S. 132- 1.5 regarding the confidentiality of automatic identification information contained in 911 database. 911 COMMUNICATIONS RECORDS- Transcripts of 911 calls received and computer aided dispatch (CAD) reports. Reports may list time and date of call, contents of call, location of call, name of unit dispatched, and other related information. Destroy in office after 3 years, if not made part of a case file.* 911 FILE- Information regarding the implementation, training, and operations of 911 system. Destroy in office after 5 years. 4. ACTIVITY REPORTS- Reports on an individual, shift, project, and other basis submitted on a daily, weekly, or other basis. Destroy in office after 3 years.
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