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1. When do I need a burning permit?
2. How do I go about obtaining a burning permit?
3. How often should my place of business be inspected?
4. what is the fire inspector looking for when an inspection is conducted?
5. How long do I have to correct a violation when found?
6. How many inspections do I get? How does it work? Are there fines?
7. How large a fire extinguisher do I need if I have a small business?
8. In work in a manufacturing plant in the Maintenance Department. How many fire extinguishers do we need?
9. How often does fire equipment have to be tested?
10. I am the job superintendent at the new industrial plant being built. When can I call for and what do I need to get my Certificate of Occupancy?
11. I am preparing to move into your area and I am researching fire district lines. Are fire district lines available online?